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forgive my broken promise

(i thought it was meant to be broken)


I am Chelsea: a 96-er who harbours a penchant for singing and writing, a daydreamer with a tendency to overthink. I strongly believe in fate and destiny and love; things that many people think are but childish beliefs. A perfectionist of sorts, I am strong-willed when it comes to the things I love and believe in. I am a Cassiopeian and always will be. I guess it's a matter of take it or leave it - but if you do choose to stay, I couldn't be more grateful for the company. c:
I'm the type of person who loves too much and hates too little. But I'm okay with it, because I think it's a lot easier to try seeing the good in everything. I have simple delights like eating cookie dough or curling up with my iPod, yet I am also an overt fangirl who has a special place in her heart for animanga and Japanese/Korean entertainment culture. I love all forms of music: it's like a soundtrack that corresponds to whatever it is my heart tells me to do.links:

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