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01 June 2011 @ 06:08 pm
everyday that i loved you ♥ [sjm in putrajaya ; 110528]  
(disclaimer: all fancams and images do not belong to me.) the only decent fancams i got from any of them were henry's solo and destiny, omg. ;________; i didn't snap pictures either because i was too busy screaming and whatnot. my apologies! /bows deeply ;;;;

(all credit is in the pictures & videos themselves. links to fancams are attached to the performance titles. drag & drop the pictures into a new tab to view them full-size. :>)

So I've been really, really busy with school for the past couple of months because of school, then there was midterms and I was stressed out for the most part of March, April and May because of it. ;o; I'm finally on break for two weeks, but I still have some assignments due after break is over. I was really just expecting a boring holiday where I'll do my schoolwork and flail about fandom and finally just get back to writing, but then a friend gave me a call and she was spazzing so hard it took me a while to figure out what she was really saying. *v* And it turns out SJM was having a free concert in Malaysia in conjunction of our annual Youth & Sports Day (Hari Belia & Sukan)?


Super Junior-M.

SUPER JUNIOR-M. ;_____________;

I admit that throughout these past months, I've been somewhat neglecting? it really isn't as bad as it sounds; i wasn't NEGLECTING them per se, just been paying less attention to them? ;; these lovely boys; I got their album and I replayed their new music video time and time again, but I didn't keep up with their promotional activities and more or less just watching Golden Stage & Yu Le Bai Fen Bai, out of all their shows. ;o;

But there was no way on earth I would be missing this for anything, and I think that was more or less my motivation to study during midterms. ;w; My mom had set the condition that my results had to be really good to even have her consider letting me go, but thankfully they were really happy with my results, and so we got packing and headed south to the capital for the free concert! *u* I might not talk about them a lot, but these boys have their own special places in my heart (especially Zhou Mi and Henry because all the hate they got from some completely direspectful people was so undeserved -o-), and now that I've got a sparkling chance to go there and support them, I wouldn't miss it for the world. ♥

I was still a bit nervous around the week before the event, because it seemed so unreal and whatnot - free, public, etc.? ;o; I mean, there was always this nagging part of my brain that kept asking what if it was a hoax, and although I tried not to think about it, it was always there! My qualms were all pretty much washed away though, when the official organizers uploaded an adorable promo video of the boys saying they'll be in Malaysia on the 28th and to tell everyone to come. ;w; (In three different languages, mind you, oh these boys. ♥)

So we arrived in Kuala Lumpur and headed straight for Putrajaya - I think you could call it the country's administrative district? - where the concert was being held. It's hard enough to navigate through Putrajaya as it is because the target turnout for this year's Youth & Sports Day was 1 million people, and the whole place was chock-full of cars and just outright congested. D: It doesn't help that there were lots of precincts and they don't go in order, lol! Precinct 18 could be next to Precinct 3 and whatnot, plus there were lots of really tall government buildings that made identifying the buildings really hard. One skyscraper was blocking the other and the towers were huge, plus all we were looking for was a huuuuuuuuge cross-junction where there was a stage set-up for the night. ;o;

It was still a bit cloudy because it'd rained about two hours ago, so my mom kept telling us to pray to the skies so it wouldn't rain that night. ;w; We walked about half the area and we still hadn't found it, so I got a little nervous, but in the end, I caught sight of this huge black thing – which later turned out to be the stage \*^*/ - squished in between four different buildings. And there was a sea of blue that I could immediately tell were ELFs. *v* It was about 3pm then, so there was still some space left in the open standing area (kind of like a rock pitt in an official concert), so we just rushed in and crammed ourselves there, which was towards the left corner of the stage! From that angle, I had a clear view of inner part of the stage as well as the front – the stage was shaped like a T - so I was a happy little birdie then! ;w;

This was taken a couple of days before the event, when the stage was still being set up! *v*

Oh, OHHHHHHH, and on the way into the seating area, ah, even if I call it a seating area, there weren't really any seats; it was just sitting on the road ;o; I glimpsed the small makeshift house-like structure which was more or less a waiting room for SJM, and the boys so thoughtfully left the windows open~ ;w; AND THEY WAAAAAAAAVED, RYEOWOOK AND SUNGMIN WAVED AT US, FOREVER THE ANGELS *u* ♥♥♥ They weren't wearing their stage outfits then, so they had this natural charm that I'm grateful I got to see! i wonder if they'd close it while changing /bricked Their smiles were gorgeous, idk *v* /flails

With the stuff we brought along, it was almost like we were going camping overnight or something, we brought so much food and just ate, lol, because the concert was due to start at 10pm and we were just going to have buns for dinner. :P There was a really nice B2uty-ELF sitting next to us, and she talked about her experience at BEAST's previous fanmeets in Malaysia (she even met Junhyung and Doojoon on her way to the toilet once? ;w;); she was comforting compared to a group of, um... let's just say, unpleasant girls screaming about how they wanted Sungmin to notice them while painting their nails. ;________;

About 20 minutes or so after I arrived, there were lots of stage checks and Henry's dancers even came out to practice a bit! Some observant ELFs down front (I hear they waited since 8am, the amazing people ;o;) noticed Henry thanks to doumyoujitsukas, I now have to retype his name because I keep misspelling it as Herny squished against the back panelling just watching them and we started screaming like crazy since it was our first sighting of the boys on stage. *v* I didn't get too good a look at him because there were lots of cameramen in front of me ;~; but then Zhou Mi came out to take a look at the set and it was just crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! He was such a sweetheart and HE WAS SO /TALL/ SHDJSHDJKAHKJSHKJAHJKSA. I heard Kyuhyun had hung around at the back for a little stage rehearsal, but I wasn't there yet, siiiiiiiigh~

This was Kyuhyun rehearsing (feat. Eunhyuk's leopard print! 8D); I wish I'd arrived earlier!

At around 5.30pm or so, the area around the stage where we were was already packed and everyone was squished like sardines! One of the biggest obstructions I thought they could've done without was a traffic light somewhere to the right of the stage though; I'm sure the fans there wouldn't have been too happy about that… There were still a lot of ELFs coming in with food and all though, so they had to be pushed to the real seating area (with seats and everything) under a ginormous canopy that was originally constructed for the morning events.

There was a small unfortunate commotion when the Prime Minister arrived to officiate the event though; the political supporters blocked ELFs from coming in on the pretence of the area being full although all they really wanted was space for themselves to watch the Minister's speech and leave soon after. >o> The organizers soon came and took care of that though, thankfully. :'> There was even a cute cultural show that I think the families enjoyed a lot.

(And thankfully after that, the cameramen in front of me cleared out! *v* It turns out all they wanted was to film the Minister's speech for local TV, and off they went and I was so happy~)

Night came, but the stage lights were enough to keep the place as bright as ever, and during random intermissions, they'd play videos of SJ (... which I don't quite get because SJM is present, not SJ, but nevermind) and the whole crowd of ELFs would just sing along! I really do hope the boys could hear us from back there, that would be great! ^o^ And local forum managers went around selling official merchandise like lightsticks and placards to wave around during the real concert too! Thankfully, it wasn't as bright or sunny or hot as I'd expected because it rained earlier in the morning. By the time the starting line of local artists came out to perform, it was about 7pm, almost? I've never had a case of being claustrophobic, but I did feel like passing out somewhere after the 4th artist because there were just so many people. ;o; There was fencing behind me though, so I propped myself up on it, somewhat (it's a bit hard to describe? ;;;;), to get a fresh layer of air from slightly above all the other jumping people. ;~; Even the local artists seemed to be extra-excited by the blue crowd; they were a very high-energy lineup and it was nice to see the ELFs cheering for them during their performances. c:

When the set ended, it was about 8.40pm or so, and the MC – a lovely multi-lingual radio announcer by the name of Serena C - started teasing us by asking us things like "MALAYSIA, WHO ARE YOU HERE TO SEE?" or "PUTRAJAYA, WHO ARE YOU WAITING FOR?" and the crowd would just scream mindlessly because we thought the boys were coming out, lmao. ;w; Although the official itinery said SJM's performance would start at 10pm, a lot of us didn't think they'd really wait that long because the gap would be too big, and I think a lot of ELFs got really agitated then because it was such a long wait and the people who were checking the stage didn't look like they were doing their job, just more like walking around the stage? Malaysia's humid no matter what time of the day, so I think that got to a lot of us too. There were people who really did pass out because of the stuffiness and the youth voluntary team kept having to come in with lights to find them and take them to waiting ambulances. :< I really do hope nothing happened to them, though...? Some of the more impatient ELFs even started chanting for SJM to come out. ^^;

There was even this small session where Serena C called out the names of each member to gauge the response, lol. All of them got just about the same amount of screams, all except Kyuhyun! ;o; I think about 70% of the crowd were screaming and pulling at their hair; he's really popular among Malaysian ELFs, it seems!

By 10pm, I think the crowd was getting demented or something, lol, everyone was anxious to have SJM come out after such a long day of waiting. Then the lights dimmed and the screen went blank, but that'd happened a couple of times throughout the evening so the random cheers were there, just a little more sober because some ELFs stopped caring and were just waiting for the intro music, hehe.

Then all of a sudden the stage was alight with blue and a familiar electric guitar intro started playing and the crowd just went insaaaaaaaaaaane! There were lightsticks and placards and cameras and cellphones and just deafening screaming everywhere; I was near the stage which was near the speakers too, so. @~@ When the boys finally sashayed down the stairs in their gorgeous beige suits and began singing Perfection, the screams got even louder, if that was possible, and I couldn't even hear myself anymore, so I just jumped and screamed without a care in the world! *v* (And I was still on that fence thing from earlier, so I was about a head taller than everyone else and got a crystal clear view of the stage! I WAS CLOSE ENOUGH TO SEE THEIR HAIR FLICK ;o; ♥ but unfortunately not close enough to touch them D:)

It was an explosive opening number and sighhhh it was just amazing~~~! And it was lovely to see all the ELFs that didn't speak Chinese singing along to the song as well~ ♥ They didn't come out to the front for this number, but I could still see that they put so much heart and power into the entire performance – each and every one of them danced with all their might! But then I realized there was only 6 of them, Siwon and Donghae really couldn't make it because they were filming Extravagant Challenge back in Taiwan. ;_________;

(I had the huge screen behind them to look at, but I just watched the boys themselves instead, hahah; the real thing is better than a screen any day, after all!)

After Perfection ended, the boys scurried backstage without a word and some people were wondering if that was it, lol, since all the other artists had only one number. ;w; But then Serena C came out to the center of the stage and called all the boys out, and they came running out again like adorable little children, ohhhhh ♥ They were all so sharply dressed and they looked like perfection okay excuse the bad pun ;;; they didn't even look like they broke a sweat there! ZHOU MIMI WAS WEARING GLASSES /SOBS HAPPILY

This was when I really got to get a good look at them because they weren't running all over the place like in Perfection, and I really didn't know where to look, if that was possible! *a* They're all as stunning in person as they are through desktop monitors and TV screens ♥

Super Junior-M looking fine and crisp (minus SiHae :<) ♥ The ladies in the middle were Sally (dressed in black), the boys' translator, and the MC of the night, Serena C.

They introduced themselves with an 'Apa khabar?' (which means 'How are you?' in Malay) and then '我们是 (We are) Super Junior-M!' *v* Then came the individual introductions – Ryeowook introduced himself in both Chinese and Korean (and oh he was just an adorable ball of cuuuuute *_____*); Henry in flawless English that sent the crowd into a frenzy; Eunhyuk, Sungmin and Kyuhyun in short, stumbly but adorableeeeeee *v* Chinese, and Zhou Mi in his perfect Chinese. ♥ If anything at all, these boys absolutely knew how to get the Malaysian crowd worked up; they kept teasing each other and making cute little remarks here and there! Serena C then whispered something to Eunhyuk and subsequently it passed down to the rest of the boys – she was teaching them how to say 'dear' in Malay! Then Eunhyuk just said, 'Sayang, aku cinta padamu~' (which means 'Darling, I love you ♥) out loud and it was like a long-sealed dam to Screamland burst open!

The MC then asked the boys to give a few short words about how they felt about Malaysia so far – Sungmin said that Malaysia was beautiful and that the people were really welcoming. Henry was a smooth player for the night too, omg *o* He said, "Well, Malaysia's hot! And I'm not talking about the weather," and he gestures around the area, "I'm talking about the giiiiirls~!" ASHAKJHSKJAHSJH I KNOW IT WASN'T A REFERENCE IN ANYONE IN PARTICULAR BUT I JUST SCREAMED MY LUNGS OUT THERE *___________* ♥ Everyone thought he was talking about the weather at first, lolololol! Zhou Mi asked if he could reply in Cantonese which he did, and I think that impressed a lot of people who didn't know he could – my parents in particular! *v* Then a little moment that made me (and lots of others!) scream like crazy, when Kyuhyun answered in his adorable, accented Chinese about Malaysia being really hot – and this time he really was talking about the weather :P – Zhou Mi reached out and kept dabbing at his neck! ;;;;;;;; ♥♥♥ QMI MOMENT IN MALAYSIA, AND THE FANGIRLS KNEW IT, AND IT WAS SO LOUD AND QMI JUST LET OUT LITTLE GIGGLES /SOBS HAPPILY

Serena C then asked SJM who the baby of the group was, and there was a little scuffle onstage about how it was either Ryeowook, Henry or Kyuhyun, but then Sungmin just grabbed the mike and said in English, "HE IS OUR BABY!" while pointing to Henry, and Henry just jumped out and did a short part of Justin Bieber's Baby? ;w; That drove the crowd crazy too (lol, it felt like we were screaming for anything they did!). Kyuhyun admitted that he was the shyest among the members when asked, and the members unanimously voted for Sungmin as most responsible member. C:

SJM then belted out Blue Tomorrow; I haven't heard the song in so long, so it was a nice refresh? ;u; It sounded absolutely amazing live, it was just so so beautiful ♥ You could hear each member's individual voices clearly and it was so pretty to hear them harmonizing in the chorus (although there is an apparent lack of something because SiHae weren't there to complete the parts ;o;), it was just a gorgeous and well-performed song. Zhou Mi's high note at the end /resonated/ throughout the whole open area, and a lot of fans – including me ;;;; - were all just really amazed by that powerful note.

Then there was a break for another Q&A session, this time with 6 lucky fans! ;_____________; Luck is never on my side with these things, so I didn't get chosen, of course, and the ELFs in the crowd were screaming louder than ever, keke ♥ AND THE GIRLS GET HUGS AFTER THEIR QUESTIONS GET ANSWERED AHSJKHAJSKAJKS CRIES

While Zhou Mi was talking about how much he loved the placards ELFs made, Kyuhyun was having his own little conversation with a fan with Sally's help, it seems! ;w;

Henry was up first, and he was asked what he liked about Malaysian ELFs. He replied that he liked how full of energy and youth we were, and that he was really, really grateful we were willing to wait so long and be out so late just to see them. Henry also said he loved how there was Youth & Sports Day and that the day really wasn't about them – it was about the ELFs. ;u; AND SHE GOT A HUG.

The next girl – to everyone's & the boys' surprise – was a Japanese girl who happened to be on vacation in Malaysia! *v* Ryeowook was such a sweetheart and greeted her in Japanese, and it was so cute to watch ♥ ELFs know Wookie cooks a lot, so she asked him what he would make for the girl he loves. He seemed to think for a moment, then answered shyly in Chinese that he'd make whatever she wants to eat! ;u; AND SHE GOT A HUG TOO.

… keke, then things got a bit awkward because Sungmin's fan was a boyyyy, not a girl! *w* The boy actually looked kind of in awe and didn't know what to ask him, which was really cute to watch, lol! In the end, he ended up asking Sungmin what he liked about Malaysia, to which he said the scenery was pretty and welcoming, that the people were really friendly and that the ELFs were really supportive. The boy didn't quite know what to say next and murmured something which Sungmin didn't catch – he was actually telling him to come back to Malaysia more often – which caused him to lean in and practically whisper in his ear and all the girls went crazy, hehe~! And he got this really awkward half-hug-half-handshake *v* ♥

D'aww, this was just super-cute, oh Min~ *u* ♥

(Then I noticed something cute along the side; I think Ryeowook felt bad because Sungmin didn't get a proper hug, so I saw them whispering and Wookie let out a cute laugh and pulled Min into a huuuug ♥)

THEN IT WAS ZHOU MI SHDJKSHJKDHSDJSKDDS! ;o; The fangirl asked which place he liked most in Malaysia among those he'd visited, but he said he liked them all. She didn't know what to say next, so simply proceeded to step forward to hug him like all the rest, but he pulled away and she got so confused that she asked him in Chinese, "Oh, I can't hug you?" He playfully replied in his cute singsong voice, "不可以 (No, you can't)~~~" and she got kind of disappointed, lol. She thought she had to settle for a handshake and Zhou Mi did, BUT THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN HE GOT DOWN ON ONE KNEE AND KISSED HER HAND AND THE WHOLE CROWD WAS LIKE AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~


Kyuhyun was next and the girl asked the most intelligent question ever: "Oppa, do you like games better or fans better?" LOL KYU WAS ACTUALLY TAKEN ABACK. :P Then he tried to say 'tak payah tanya, tentulah fans' (which means 'you don't need to ask, of course it's the fans'), but he failed miserably and ended up saying the sentence in Chinese with Zhou Mi's help, lmaooooo ♥ She got a hug, and I think the girl was a serious Kyuhyun stan because she ended up bursting into tears on stage, and she got a second hug from him. AND MIND YOU, THE SECOND HUG WAS LONGER AND HE STROKED HER HAIR OKAY. ;____________;

And I swear I caught Zhou Mi leaning over and just glaring at them both. I kid you not. 8D

Eunhyuk's was particularly funny to recap! A daring girl asked him if he still wore his member's underwear, and Serena C was like o_________O YOU WEAR YOUR MEMBERS' UNDERWEAR? Then she sneakily asked in a slower way, "So how long have you been stealing their underwear? Do you wear them for real? …. DO YOU WASH IT FIRST?" LOLLLLLL THE WHOLE CROWD JUST BURST INTO A FRENZY! Eunhyuk was fumbling with his words because he didn't know if he should reply in Chinese or English or just go with Korean and let the translator do the job. :P Then he just said the only logical thing, "IT'S MINE.", referring to the fact that he only wears his own undergarments. XD I thought that'd be case closed, but then Sungmin bounced out and suddenly said, "HE… NO UNDERWEAR!" Then Eunhyuk caught on and said in English, "I can show you if you want! ;D" And I swear those were the loudest screams of the day, lol. So the girl leaned in for a hug and he tried to do the same thing as Mi did – pull away and kiss her hand, but then at the last minute before his lips touched her hand, he flipped it around and ended up kissing his own, oh the boy ♥ He let go and she thought that was it, but then he stood behind her and gave her a looooooooooooooooooooooong back hug. AND THE CROWD. THE CROWD WAS MORE DEAFENING THAN THE SPEAKERS AT THAT POINT.

Zhou Mi wrapped it up by making an announcement that took all of us by surprise – he said, "Let's go for some solos now, shall we?" in Chinese, and I don't think anyone was expecting solos at all, really, so everyone just started screaming!

They disappeared for about 10 seconds and then Henry just bounced out, along with his dancers, and they performed Off My Mind, his solo off their newest EP. I'm admittedly Henry-biased, but all that bias aside, I can't explain how much I loved his solo. ;;;; Maybe it's because of how bad I feel for him because of all the hate he got when he first made an appearance in Don't Don, but I just felt so elated when all the ELFs started singing and chanting along to the song instead of booing him or something. He even made extra effort to reach all parts of the stage to interact with the fans~ I feared the worst, but I guess I worried for nothing? *v* For a choreography that required him to move around the stage so much, Henry pulled off the song very well and his voice was really stable. He had this cap with a little H on it and that was so adorable; he even came all the way out front to the T part of the stage and I was screaming like there was no tomorrow. ;~; HE WAS SO CLOSE TO ME AHSKJHHJSHDKJSDSJDS I COULD SEE HIM SO CLEARLY /CRYING

Zhou Mi then came out in a crisp grey suit and said that he had a lot of Malaysian artists as friends – he named Fish Leong as one of his best buddies, then said he knew Z-Chen (張智成), another local artists and liked one song in particular, 凌晨三點鐘 (Ling Chen San Dian Zhong / Three In the Morning). His rendition was gorgeous and so, so beautiful; it's every bit the emotional singing you see him do on TV, except it sounded even better live. ♥ He came out front to sing too, and getting a super close-up look at him practically sent stars through my head. His skin was so smooth and he looked so perfect? ;____________;

Kyuhyun chose an amazing song – which coincidentally happened to be my first A-mei song – 如果你也聽說 (If You've Also Heard). This shy little boy didn't come down to the front, but his performance was just as emotional as Mi's, and it was just such a blessing to have been able to hear his singing live. His voice was just so… full and rich, and it just blew me away ♥ I lack words to describe his performance. ;;;;

Ryeowook continued the line of ballads with Teresa Teng's 我只在乎你 (I Only Care About You), a new song to me, but a real throwback for my parents. *v* I'm sure they loved the performance as much as I did; they always paid more attention if anything idols did could relate to what they know and all. ;w; I've always really liked Ryeowook's voice in songs but never quite imagined how it was like to hear him live; it was like… stars and tinkling windchimes, as cheesy as that sounds? ;;;; Really, I mean, it was high but very clear, and he came out front to sing and in that moment, he just looked so delicate and gentle and the emotion he put into the song was very poignant. c:

(Truth be told, I expected KyuMiWook to do 西风的话 (Whisper of the West Wind) off their new album, but individual solos are fine by me too ♥)

Things picked up a bit when Eunhyuk appeared with a bright red shirt! *v* ♥ He looked so charming he must've swept everyone off their feet~ There was a table with headphones set out for him, and he put it on, then pressed something and Justin Bieber's Baby played! He pressed it again, and Eminem's Love the Way You Lie played, then Sorry Sorry. It was like he was dissatisfied with each song; I leave it to you to imagine because this is pretty hard to describe. ;o; Then finally, Michael Jackson's songs started playing, and it was like a grand mash-up of all his hits!

There was Beat It and Dangerous and all his classic songs, and Eunhyuk even had the gloves and hat to match! *u* He did a fantastic job impersonating Michael Jackson; his hip thrusts and moonwalks and all his fanservice; he knows best how to make these girls scream! ;w; I've always known Eunhyuk was a great dancer, but I've never felt there was anything really special until I saw him live now? ;;;; Every move was so effortless, it was as if he wasn't even really trying to make it look pretty! Even my dad was impressed, and mind you, he doesn't get impressed by k-idols too easily. ;D

I was expecting something different from Sungmin because he isn't normally stereotyped as a dancer or a rapper or a vocalist in particular, maybe a martial arts show or whatnot, but sadly, he didn't get a solo. ;_______; I think a lot of his fans were upset, but it was probably due to time constraints. I wish he did get to share a stage with one of the other members, at least? :<

W-Well, here's a picture of an adorable Sungmin just to cheer you Min fans up, I hope? ;o;

SJM all came out for the final talk session then, and they thanked everyone for their amazing support and that they were so grateful to see so much support for SJM because this was the first time promoting in Malaysia as a sub-unit. Sungmin and Henry promised they would be back because they couldn't get enough, and I'm hoping that's true! C: The boys were generally all such wonderful sweethearts and they were very polite throughout the whole event, they were such a joy to watch ♥

After their final words to Malaysia, they stood right in the front of the stage and waved to all parts of the audience, from where I was to the right side and even to the ones riiiiiiight at the back, then the familiar opening of Destiny played and the whole crowd just waved their lightsticks (or arms, if we didn't have one?) and just enjoyed their gorgeous harmonization.

Off their new EP, Destiny was my favourite track – it had this beautiful mellow feel that was very calming, and the chorus where they all sing together was arranged and harmonized in such a way that everytime I listened to it, it felt like it was enveloping me, in some way? The orchestra accompaniment in the background and the electric guitar middle-8 and the high notes KyuMiWook had to hit were so, so beautiful to hear. If this song was a treat to listen to on the album, then it was absolutely fantastic live. Even if they were missing SiHae, they performed this number so, so well. ♥ Maybe it was the beauty of a closing number, I don't really know, but I loved it, and the boys kept interacting with the fans while singing – it was just such a beautiful sight, y'know? ;a;

They rushed backstage without a word again, and I think the lack of a goodbye made us realize that wasn't it or something? Everyone was screaming, "ENCORE! ENCORE! ENCORE!" We could hear Serena C laughing, then she asked, "Haven't got enough, Putrajaya? What's the one song you've been wanting to hear?" And like brainwashed zombies, the whole sea of ELFs screamed, "SUPER GIRL!"

And of course, the gentlemen that they were, SJM obliged to an encore; the electronic intro of Super Girl began playing and the whole crowd dived right back into their mad frenzy again. ;v; It was a power-packed dance performance very much like Perfection, and the audience sang along to every word too! ♥

When the performance ended, they got into formation, held hands and bowed a full 90-degrees as a sign of respect towards everyone who attended the event, and that was just such a sweet ending to an already amazing concert. :'>

Being at this concert was an unexpected privilege; it was my first time seeing any idol of mine live, and somehow it seems apt, y'know? My first kpop group ever was SJ, but the first music video I ever watched for real was Super Girl. I think… it only seems right that they were the first idols I would ever see in concert. c:

Now that I think about it, I wish we could've planned something special like a lightstick sea or something, but it was too disorderly and everyone was all over the place, so that plan was a no-go. ;;;; B-But I'm sure the boys enjoyed themselves nevertheless, or at least, that's what I hope!

It might have only been a couple of songs with breaks for interaction with fans, but each and every single one of the boys tried their very best in everything, and it was really nice to see that. The way they carried themselves and the way they talked – it wasn't like meeting idols, it was more like… a celebratory session for a state talent competition winner or something, if that makes sense? I mean, they made the atmosphere so comfortable that you'd laugh along or sing along out of impulse, regardless of whether you're an ELF or not. They didn't have any air to them and they were really sweet and polite ♥ It must've been really hectic for them, with all their schedules in Taiwan and flying in just that morning, but if they were tired at all, they didn't show it. They responded to everything with curiosity and enthusiasm, and it was like watching adorable children you'd never get enough of. :3

Their sincerity and… idk how to put it, purity? was enough to mesmerise even non-ELFs, I'd think! Even my parents – trust me, if anyone would win an award for kpop sceptics, they would – have begun to acknowledge them for real and are starting to show interest in SJM, SJ and kpop in general! (I once caught my dad listening to Bonamana and it was on so loud that he didn't hear us call him for dinner, lololol? ;w;) I'm really glad that these boys have managed to bridge the gap between generations like this; it was such a wonderful feeling, y'know? *u*

SJM still has a ways to go before they can call themselves artists because they're still in a saturated idol market, but with each and every album, I can see a lot of improvement and I think that showed during Saturday night's concert. They are amazing performers that know what the crowd wants, and I think the ELFs really appreciated the fact that everyone tried to speak either Chinese or English just so the fans could understand and minimise the use of a translator. There really was only minimal use of Korean, really!

So to each and every one of you boys present – to Eunhyuk, Sungmin (who really has endeared himself to me through this!), Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Zhou Mi and Henry: thank you so, so much for a wonderful night that I would always remember as the first concert I attended. ♥ You were all very endearing and I hope you enjoyed performing for us as much as we enjoyed watching you! I'd love to see you all again someday (hopefully with Siwon & Donghae next!), so please do come back to Malaysia more often? c:

Thank you for everything and have strength during your promotional cycle!
This Malaysian sea of blue will always, always be here for you. :'>

I wish I'd taken my own photos and fancams, so I'm really sorry about that. ;~; I was contemplating just putting up mine, but for those of you who didn't get to attend, I figured you'd want better, clearer fancams instead. ;w; But hopefully this fanaccount wasn't too messy or disorganized, and I hope it was detailed enough for you to get a feel of how the concert was really like!

Other than sharing it with you, I'm hoping that by writing this fanaccount, I'll be able to remember these moments forever and ever and smile to myself when I do come back and read this in the future. It's been four days since the concert, but I can still remember everything as vividly as when I was there, and my heart still skips a beat when I recall them coming out to the front of the stage and whatnot. ;w;

Thank you for reading! c: ♥♥♥
i feel: pleasedpleased
now playing: crazy - m to m
fonulyn: sj; mimi/kyu i adore youfonulyn on June 1st, 2011 12:07 pm (UTC)
This is so silly, I wasn't even there and still I'm close to tears since I'm so happy ;___; Thank you for sharing the experience! ♥
akita_inoakita_ino on June 1st, 2011 12:23 pm (UTC)
/burts into tears with you
Chelsea: can you hear the wind singing?shuuseieki on June 1st, 2011 12:42 pm (UTC)
Ah, don't cry, both of you! ;o; I wish you could've been there, though, I'm sure you would've enjoyed it a lot. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that you do get to see these boys live in concert someday, which I'm sure will happen! c: ♥

Thank you so much for reading! :)
fonulyn: sj; mimi/kyu i love youfonulyn on June 2nd, 2011 02:09 am (UTC)
At least there'll be the SMTown live in Paris in a couple of weeks so I'll get to see them :D I would prefer a SJM thing but I'll take what I get XD

Chelsea: sleepless nights & endless dreamsshuuseieki on June 2nd, 2011 02:49 am (UTC)
Ahhhhhhh, you're going to be attending SMTOWN Paris? ;w; You lucky ducky; I'd love to be able to attend an SMTOWN someday. *u* I really hope you have fun, bb! ♥

fonulyn: sj; mimi/kyu (kyu is) a proud husbandfonulyn on June 2nd, 2011 08:14 am (UTC)
Yes! I'm from Finland and I'm going to use all my money to fly to Paris for it, but I think it will be worth it XD It's so soon already! Aw and you'll get to one once! :D Thank you~♥

Mine are mainly from here if they're good enough for you ;) shameless self-promotion XD
Chelsea: i believe myself (and our love)shuuseieki on June 2nd, 2011 08:42 am (UTC)
Ahhhh, congrats! *u* I hope you have a really good time; let me know once you have your fanaccount up? c:

OMG THEY'RE GORGEOUS ;;;;;;; ♥ Self-promotion is only shameful if it's not good, but this is amazing~~~! /joins without hesitation ;o; THANK YOU SO MUCH AHSJHJKSHJKDHSJDS! I'll probably clear out my current icon batch to make space for some of yours. ;w;
fonulyn: sj; mimi/kyu adorationfonulyn on June 2nd, 2011 08:46 am (UTC)
I'll try to remember :D *writes a reminder note* I don't think it'll be as lovely and detailed as this though, I am horribly bad with these things XD

Thank youuu~ ;__;♥ I'm happy to hear you approve of them! I have some new ones I should post, too, but somehow I never have enough time or energy for it...
Chelseashuuseieki on June 2nd, 2011 10:16 am (UTC)
E-Eh, this wasn't good at all! ;o; I actually feel it was too long and draggy, but I'm happy you were satisfied with it nevertheless...? ♥ I'm sure it's going to be one gorgeous fanaccount, bb~

But of course I would, they're gorgeous! ;o; I always tell myself I want to do a graphics batch because I've got a zillion HQ pics saved up, but I never have the time to do any of it, much less write. ;;;; (I have a chaptered and ongoing QMi fic at my writing comm, chocolategrass if you'd like to give it a try? ;w; now THIS is shameful self-promotion ;;)

Would you mind if I added you? ♥ I'm Chelsea, it's nice meeting you! c:
fonulyn: sj; mimi flirty sunshinefonulyn on June 2nd, 2011 10:21 am (UTC)
It made me smile and got me all emotional so I think it is good :D I'm more... short worded so I think I'd end up just writing something like "they were gorgeous. yes." and that's it XD

I know how it is, I try to find as much time for graphics and writing as possible, but sometimes it just seems impossible! ;__; There's too much other things to do, like actually studying and whatelse XD Aw I'd love to try your Qmi fic! :D This world needs more Qmi anyway. My attempts at writing are over at rabenhorst if you're curious :)

Oh, not at all :D I'd love to be friends, so I'm adding you too ;) I'm Marjo, hello! :D

Edited at 2011-06-02 10:22 am (UTC)
Chelsea: your love is a lie (i only feel hate)shuuseieki on June 2nd, 2011 10:32 am (UTC)
I don't think it's capable of doing anything near that, but I'm really glad I made you smile or just feel a little bit happier with this today! *u* ♥

I'm much better with writing than graphics, but I just really don't have the time, although I really really want to start writing again. ;~; I don't think I've written in like, almost a year? I'm going to start picking up Judgment again soon though, hopefully! ;o;


Oh hi, Marjo! c: It's lovely to meet a fellow QMi fan ♥
fonulyn: sj; mimi/kyu happyfonulyn on June 2nd, 2011 03:15 pm (UTC)
It really did make me smile :D I even bookmarked it for possible future reading *laughs*

It really is annoying when there isn't time for doing things one enjoys :/ I have a million projects going on but I never get enough time to actually work on them! I'm going to start reading your fic soon though :D

dnoglnlhnsaawwwwh I'm so glad to hear you did! ;__;♥ I never even thought of the pairing before but then a friend bribed me into writing it and... well, maybe it makes more sense now XD

It is! ♥ And making new friends is always wonderful :D
Chelsea: say it again baby (only for me)shuuseieki on June 3rd, 2011 07:33 am (UTC)
A-Aw, that's so sweet of you, bb, thank you! ;o; I'm glad it managed to brighten your day and make you smile; that's what fanaccounts are for, after all...? ♥

I agree. ;________; I haven't written in more than a year, and I just feel so crippled because I want to write so much yet never have the inspiration to pen anything. :< Ah, take your time with reading my fic, bb! ;;;; It won't be as good as anything you've written, so I'd love some advice from you! c:

JAHJSDHJKSHDJKSDS THE WAY YOU WROTE THEM WAS SO... LUSTFUL? ;^; ♥ I've never quite thought of that pairing before because it's always been QMi and HenWook for me, but KyuRy works too, I guess? ;w;

And you seem like a wonderful, wonderful person too ♥ c:
akita_inoakita_ino on June 1st, 2011 12:24 pm (UTC)
this was so nice~ thanks for writing all of this down ^^
they had a great time, I'm sure! and Malaysian ELF really left an impression on them. I'm sure all of you were delighted!
really seems like a once in a lifetime experience~
Chelseashuuseieki on June 1st, 2011 12:45 pm (UTC)
You're more than welcome; thank YOU for reading! ♥

I really do hope that's the case, bb; I'm hoping they enjoyed performing for us as much as we enjoyed listening to them! They were such wonderful performers, I can only hope we managed to leave an impression on them.

It probably was a once-in-a-lifetime experience of sorts - a lot of ELFs were probably able to realize their dream because the concert was free. ;w; I've always thought that money was one of the greatest obstacles that fans have to tackle, because a lot of us really can't afford expensive tickets to meet our idols. ;;;; And to give us all this chance through an event like this was just amazing ♥
Fuu // where there is a Fuu, there is food!solitair on June 1st, 2011 12:56 pm (UTC)
Hari Belia was fantastic BECAUSE of SJM! Were you on the right or left hand side of the stage? Was getting squished like nobody's business I swear ._. But it was SO WORTH IT to see the boys. Thanks for such an awesome fan account!
Chelsea: say it again baby (only for me)shuuseieki on June 1st, 2011 01:15 pm (UTC)
Exactly! ;o; Honestly, I don't think the turnout would ever have been so large if not for SJM; probably only 1/3 of it! I really don't think the whole himpunan SEJUTA belia would even be remotely close to possibility if not for this showcase, lol.

I was on the left side, near the end of the T. *u* What about you? Like I mentioned in the fanaccount above, I was getting squished like crazy and I was pretty close to passing out, lol. I don't even want to think about what would happen if I really did give in; thank goodness there was that fence thing behind me! IT WAS COMPLETELY WORTH IT, BB, I'M JUST SO GLAD I GOT THIS OPPORTUNITY!

Thank you so much for reading! ♥
Fuu // where there is a Fuu, there is food!solitair on June 2nd, 2011 12:47 am (UTC)
Lolol I was on the right hand side of the stage earlier in the afternoon handing out Sungmin and Hyuk banners for forums so I got a peek of a few of the boys backstage and saw their van XD then after the PM's speech I moved back to the left to join my friends. We were midway in between the back barriers and the stage and one the boys came onstage it was like being a freaking pancake! Was fancamming the whole time and trying to adjust while dodging all the hands and cameras lol. I put up some vies on YT if you're interested but the quality's not fantastic and there are just way too many things in the way most of the time (look for murashingo on YouTube). I wanna see them again already!!! ;A;
Chelseashuuseieki on June 2nd, 2011 02:39 am (UTC)
Oh, so you're one of the forum administrators, bb? c: I was contemplating buying either a lightstick, cap or towel, but in the end I went with towel because I was afraid the lightstick might run out of power and I don't normally wear caps, lol.

B-BUT EEEEEEEP YOU SAW THEIR VAN? ;;;; (Honestly, I don't mean to sound unpatriotic, but the PM's speech was ridiculously, unnecessarily long and just peppeted with political intention. -o- Ah, if only we'd met up when you were on the left side of the stage! I was somewhere there too; I was actually surprised to get that good a location since I came pretty late, maybe around 3pm? I let my dad take the fancams I had, lmaoooo, I wanted to enjoy the full experience of looking at the boys and didn't want fancamming to be a priority at that moment. ;w;

That's okay, bb, your fancams can't be any worse than mine. ;o; I'll take a look at them later today! :> I KNOW, BB, I KNOW, I MISS THEM SO MUCH AS IT IS! ;a; I really want to see them again~ ♥
Fuu // where there is a Fuu, there is food!solitair on June 2nd, 2011 12:01 pm (UTC)
Lol nah, not one of the administrators or staff, just a random forum member hahah XD Yeah, it was this light gray Alphard, kinda like the one they used last time in SS2 (I didn't see what the SS3 one was like but it is probably similar). Did you know they took the KTM from the airport to come over to Putrajaya? LOL Someone took a picture of it and it was on Twitter XD

I got there pretty late too, around 2pm or so because I was meeting up with a whole group of people before we all stuffed ourselves into a van and came over (15 people FTW XD). LOL I had no choice but to get squished like a pancake, hahahahh.

SS4, hurry up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or send M or KRY over at least PLEASE!!! ;A;
Chelsea: promises oh promisesshuuseieki on June 2nd, 2011 03:11 pm (UTC)
Ah, I hope to have that experience someday! c: I wish I had the time to join forums and whatnot to show my support and to meet fellow ELFs, but I really don't have the time and I'm the sort of person who wants to do her best at everything, so... ;o; WOW YOU EVEN MEMORIZED THEIR CARS BB? *u* I suppose it's all the same - SM can't have that many different cars, after all. Ahhhhhhhh, they did? ;;;;; IMAGINE BEING STUCK IN THE SAME CARRIAGE AS THEY ARE~~~~! *o* Could you link me to the pictures? :>

You came earlier than me, at least? ;w;

♫ sarah: sicasicamagickismight on June 1st, 2011 02:14 pm (UTC)

I’ve been doing the same thing bb ;o; I haven’t been keeping up with Super Junior or Super Junior-M at all, despite them being my first loves in the kpop fandom ;_____; I saw the promo video on Facebook! I didn’t watch it though, but now that I see the /three languages/ part I might give it a watch later LOL ♥


It’s a shame Donghae and Siwon couldn’t be there :( BUT OMG HENRY INTRODUCED HIMSELF IN ENGLISHHHHHHHH AHHHHH ♥♥♥ AKSJDHKLASJASF "Well, Malaysia's hot! And I'm not talking about the weather, I'm talking about the giiiiirls~!" SCREAMS FLAILS LOSES IT ASKFHASKLJDHKLASJJASJ WHY IS HE LIKE THIS HENRY COME TO MEEEEE

Sungmin just grabbed the mike and said in English, "HE IS OUR BABY!" while pointing to Henry, and Henry just jumped out and did a short part of Justin Bieber's Baby? OH MY GOD SOBBING CHELSEA OH GOD SO CUTE OH MY GOD I CAN’T RIGHT NOW WHAT IS BREATHING WHAT IS LIVING THERE SHOULD JUST BE VIDEO OF EVERYTHING


Ahhhhh I want hugs from Super Junior-M ;o; ;o; ;o;

Chelsea: promises oh promisesshuuseieki on June 1st, 2011 02:47 pm (UTC)

I feel kind of apologetic, really. ;o; I definitely should try to keep up more - I've watched about half of SJM's newest variety shows (and it doesn't help that they're on Golden Stage every week, so there's just more and more being subbed and released ;;;;), and I just miss their craziness so much. I honestly thought I'd feel really upset about Hankyung not being here, and although it still makes me sad, I wasn't as sad as I thought I'd be. Eunhyuk and Sungmin are lovable additions to this crazy group and I love them so very much ♥ Sungmin in particular, has just wormed his way into my heart, the cute sweetheart~ *v* Four languages, really, if you count their 'Apa khabar?' introduction! c:


It was a waste, but they haven't been joining SJM for their promotions lately at all because the drama filming is going in full force. ;w; At first, the organizers confirmed all 8 members' attendance and I thought it must be a day off for Extravagant Challenge filming for them to be able to make it here, but at the last minute, they cancelled. :< I do hope they get to come and promote her as SJM again though! ♥




I was so jealous because I was pretty close and I could see both the boys and the big screen behind them, lololol. ;~:


Are you having your free in school now, by any chance? c:
♫ sarahmagickismight on June 2nd, 2011 01:19 am (UTC)
I just never think to watch their subbed shows and I don't know where to find them tbh ;___;


I was on my free when I read it, yes ^^
Chelsea: but i'm not aloneshuuseieki on June 2nd, 2011 02:44 am (UTC)
doumyoujitsukas runs this YT channel, and it's where I go for all their subbed shows! ♥ You can watch her comm caesetia for updates too, if you'd like? c:

reality has so many adverse side effectssvtstarlight on June 1st, 2011 05:22 pm (UTC)
I hope my fan account of SMTown Paris is as coherent as this... It's almost like being there. So jealous you get free concerts tho. *pouts* One day ^.~

*excited and yet scared and nervous for next weekend* I am going to die... I know it. LOL Seeing SJ and hopefully SJ-M too (at least Mimi!)... *faints already at the thought*

Chelsea: can you hear the wind singing?shuuseieki on June 2nd, 2011 02:57 am (UTC)
Eeeeeeep, you're going to be attending SMTOWN Paris? ;w; It's been a dream of mine to visit Paris and also to attend SMTOWN in general; I really hope (and am sure!) that you'll have lots of fun there, and buckets of memories to share when you come back! ♥ And I'm sure your fanaccount will be amazing and wonderful (I really just thought mine was disorganized and all over the place ;;;;)~ Honestly, the free concert thing was a bit unexpected - it's a first for everyone here in Malaysia when it comes to k-idols... I'm really glad though, because that kind of allowed ELFs that were always short on money to be able to meet the boys themselves! :'>

AH DON'T FAINT /HOLDS YOU *u* I'll be looking out for your fanaccount, bb! c:
reality has so many adverse side effects: KyuMi hug animatedsvtstarlight on June 3rd, 2011 11:52 pm (UTC)
Yep. I've been to Paris before, altho only to EuroDisney *sheepish* so the city itself will be completely new to me. Totally nervous about it all but oh well. I just hope I don't forget anything important. It is very expensive too - tiny arena and big prices *winces* but oh well. We wanna see them so...

*hugs* ♥
Chelseashuuseieki on June 4th, 2011 03:48 am (UTC)
I've never been to Paris before, but it's one of my dream vacation spots. ;o; And ouuuch, I bet the prices must've been pretty steep. ;______; I really do hope you have fun though, and that the experience is worth what you paid! ♥
reality has so many adverse side effects: KyuMi dorkssvtstarlight on June 4th, 2011 03:55 am (UTC)
For both days, I'm paying over €200 and that's just for the seats. Then there's getting there, hotels, food, transport, etc. And then there's gonna be con goods (I am so fucking dead! @.@). I am so screwed. LOL

I'm sure it'll be fun tho... The city is worth it in itself anyway, or at least I think so. I'm a big European history nutter so will be hitting up all the usual (and unusual) tourist spots while I'm there too hehehe
Kei: what turns me inside outbyuldeureul on June 1st, 2011 09:21 pm (UTC)
1/2 (because lj's wordlimit SUCKS hahaha XD;;)

I mean, there was always this nagging part of my brain that kept asking what if it was a hoax, and although I tried not to think about it, it was always there!
^ THIS THIS THIS, BBY. ♥ I was just like that with the JYJ concert, too, don’t worry ;;;;; It’s a normal thing, I think – to have that nagging doubt that maybe it’s all just a dream? But it’s not a dream now, right…? At least, not for either of us kekeke

jskdnhufao;sl/kfas; and y-you got to see them wave to you while they were in the dressing area??? Lucky duckyyyyyy – that must have been really nice!! ;w; It must have been even nicer to sit near that B2ty-ELF who was kind, but ahhhhh shame there were indeed all types at the concert :’(( Guess it really does take all kinds, but……

So it seems your first impression of Zhou Mi was that he was “tall,” huh? ^O^)/ Awwwww bby that must have been a great moment! There’s nothing quite like that rush of energy that comes with realizing your idols are right /there/ in front of you – real, living, breathing (!) people – and especially after the cameramen cleared out once the PM was done with his speech, you must’ve been extra-happy~

local forum managers went around selling official merchandise like lightsticks and placards to wave around during the real concert too!
WHY DID THEY NOT DO THIS AT JYJ FOR THEIR US LEG OF THE TOUR, I DO NOT UNDERSTAND DDDDDD: Ahhhhhh you just reminded me of how disappointed I was that they weren’t doing that at our concerts…m-maybe it’s more of an Asia thing, though? ;;;;;;; Sighhhh I’m happy you got that opportunity, though, bby!! I just…need to remember to mention this to CJes or something the next time they do something like this, srsly :’< It would be GREAT for all the fans (and for them to get some extra money, too!!), so I think this /needs/ to be brought up next time for sure~~

“Perfection”…I never got around to listening to that song before now, actually…but I /really/ felt it after that fancam for sure, though!! *^^* It’s a very very groovy number and their Chinese was absolutely wonderful to listen to, not awkward in the least! Sighhhh and I know exactly what you mean about watching them on the stage rather than the screen mostly…you know, I didn’t think I would be as close as I was to the stage either seeing JYJ, so I imagine it was the same for you, right? And you’re rather lucky, too, because I know you’re taller than I am, Chels~ C:

Eunhyuk just said, 'Sayang, aku cinta padamu~' (which means 'Darling, I love you ♥) out loud and it was like a long-sealed dam to Screamland burst open!
LOLLLLL I LOVE HOW YOU DESCRIBE THAT – “SCREAMLAND” IS SUCH A PERFECT WAY TO DESCRIBE THE WAY FANS REACT TO STUFF LIKE THAT XDDD;;; And d’awwwww I’m imagining it now, and it must’ve been so cute!! That pixie manchild ♥

B’awwwwwwwww and a QMi moment irl!!!! ;w; ;w; ;w; Hehehehe bet that must’ve been a great sight to see up (fairly) close~~ Hahaha and Henry must have been totally feeding off the energy of everyone there; he really seems so comfortable and playful with the fans, aish ;;

“Blue Tomorrow” is, like, the /perfect/ thing to listen to on a quiet afternoon like this as I type out this reply omg ;__________; So relaxing and sweet! ♥ I simply couldn’t pick a favorite moment out of that song because they ALL performed it so well, honestly…I can see why Zhou Mi’s part stuck out to you, though – because that really did have a certain resonance that you can’t help but take notice of…
Kei: yongwonhibyuldeureul on June 1st, 2011 09:22 pm (UTC)
2/2 (because lj's wordlimit SUCKS hahaha XD;;)

D’awwwwwwwwwww the whole Q&A session must have been nice, but I-IT MUST HAVE BEEN SO MUCH NICER FOR THOSE LUCKY FANS ;;;;;;;;; /feels envious on your behalf, too B’awww but I really loved how Ryeowook’s exchange went and bwahahaha it must’ve been a surprise for EVERYONE (including Sungmin!!) that there was a male fan who got chosen!! Lucky him, though~~

O M G A-AND THE FANS WITH ZHOU MI AND KYUHYUNNNNNNN – they must have felt like their life was made that night!!!! ;AAAAA; And I now know what else I need to suggest to CJes……A FANMEETING-TYPE THING HERE FOR THE INT’L FANS 8DDDDDD B-Because we could use more things like that hereeeeee and maybe we’ll get lucky, too!! kekekeke The whole exchange with Eunhyuk and his fan was really funny and sweet, too :DDDD

Uwahhhhhh and giiiiiirl, you were so lucky could see the boys (Henry, Zhou Mi, and Ryeowook, that is!) so clearly during their solos!! ;v; ;v; ;v; Also, I love that fact that so many were ballads – and Chinese ballads at that! – because I know their voices could handle it wonderfully…it must have been such such SUCH a treat to hear that & see that live. ;----; Ahhhhhhh now I feel the sudden urge to go look up the original songs of the covers they sang, too, just to hear them…… ♥ /likes Fish Leong and A-Mei, too Uwahhh and Eunhyuk with the Michael Jackson medley!! ^o^)/ That pixie-manchild does it again~
Also, why no Sungmin soloooooooo ;AAAA; He’s such a cutie – it’s a real shame he didn’t get to perform a solo for you guys…I’m sure it would have been lovely, too…… ;;;;

Hahaha and awwwwww the way everyone reacted when they knew it wasn’t over!! XDDD;;;; Everyone who knows just…knows when there’s still an encore, right? Like, it’s a mutually understood thing……I bet you must have enjoyed that encore number immensely, too, bby – given that Super Girl WAS your first official KPop MV… :’))

I can’t believe how happy reading this fanaccount made me, though, seriously. I guess it’s because your happiness just…shines through in every word – but I can also somehow sense that these boys really enjoyed being there, and it seems like all the ELFs there must have had an excellent time, too. Heck, I’m sure even the non-ELFs (and it seems even your parents did, too!) enjoyed themselves with SuJu-M’s performances…I certainly hope so, given the top-quality of what they performed!!

It’s moments like these that I feel the need to say this much (and I’m sure you, my dearest darling-est braintwinnie, would understand what I mean by this): music is truly a universal language, isn’t it? It doesn’t take knowing the language that someone’s singing in or a personal attachment to the people singing to truly feel affected by a GREAT performance like SuJu-M put on…after seeing them live, I have no doubt that /everyone/ who was there who had ever doubted them would doubt them no longer, if they were indeed human beings with a beating heart and a mind of their own. I know my mom (who was a pretty big skeptic of my love for KPop before this) seems to have really changed her opinion of it a LOT since seeing JYJ (and she seems to be so…INTENT on asking me about DBSK/JYJ now!! ;_____; I-I’ve been telling her all I can about what they were like, what they’re up to, and what’s been planned for them for the future, and she’s even been sitting in on concert DVD-viewing sessions with me of her own accord jksino;sflsa THIS IS JUST LIKE WITH DREAM TEAM, REALLY, and I love being able to watch this stuff with her, I really do. Her interest in it makes me happy, and I feel like her approval of Jaejoong, especially, makes it even better ♥), so I get the feeling the same will surely happen with your parents now!! Bby, this might even make it easier to convince your parents to go to more events in Malaysia like this……!!

Chelsea-ah, I’m so so SO happy for you, seriously, and I hope you’ll be able to go to more concerts like this soon enough and experience all these wonderful things personally once again. Thank you for writing up this fanaccount, and know that I enjoyed every word of it – and experienced this concert quite fully through your fanaccount alone! ♥♥♥♥♥
Chelsea: say it again baby (only for me)shuuseieki on June 2nd, 2011 06:26 am (UTC)
a-ah, we're probably infamous amongst lj's staff for being wordlimitbreakers, keke c: (2/2)
AHHHH THOSE SIX LUCKY GIRLS MUST'VE SLEPT WITH HUGE GRINS ON THEIR FACES THAT NIGHT ;^; Ryeowook was just... idk how to put it, but he was just so delicate and gentle and sweet that you just want to put him in your pocket and take him home...? ;;;; ♥ And keke yes, Sungmin's had all of us squealing, although I'm sure a lot of girls would've loved to be in the boy's position~ :3

I'M PRETTY SURE ZHOU MI AND KYUHYUN TOOK FANSERVICE LESSONS FROM EUNHYUK ;a; Ahhhhhh, go go go for it, Kei-ah! ;w; I'm sure CJES would love to listen to your suggestions, and who knows, they might even hold an event like that in the near future for you US fans! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you, bb ♥

Uwaaaah, THE SOLOS~~~~ ;o; That was just a really unexpected treat, Yunho-yah; no one expected them to do solos at all, and to have them cover songs by other artists was so nice to watch! I loved each and every one of them (you really should've seen how loudly I screamed when Henry did Off My Mind), but you know I have a soft spot for ballads and although I didn't talk much about it in the fanaccount, Kyuhyun's solo in particular really hit home. ;~; The lyrics were gorgeous in itself, and the emotion he sang it with was really as if HE was the broken person singing the song, and all... ♥ Ryeowook's voice was like bells, siiiiiiigh~

I felt really bad for the hardcore Sungmin fans because I'm sure they were expecting a lot from him, ah--- ;; I just hope they (and Sungmin himself, really) wasn't too disappointed from it...? ;____;

I guess it was just the feel of the night; the boys were so courteous and sweet, I think a lot of us knew they wouldn't just ditch us all like that without a proper goodbye! ^o^

Ah, i-it did, bb? *v* I guess it was just such an amazing first kpop concert, I'm still really happy I got to go! c: I can only hope the boys enjoyed being there as much as we enjoyed having them, Yunho-yah! Hopefully they did like it enough and are willing to come back in the future; I'd love the opportunity to go see them again ♥ I'm just so proud of them for managing to bridge the gap between non-ELFs and themselves~ ;w;

Music really is a wonderful addition to life, bb, and I'm so grateful that it's allowed me to meet amazing people like you that I wouldn't have met otherwise! c: I'm so glad your mom and sister are more open towards our k-idols now; it's just the greatest feeling in the world knowing that you managed to contribute just that little bit towards your idols' fanbase and all, isn't it? ♥ And it already has convinced my parents, bby; they're already saying they're more willing to take me to events in the future, and they're excited for SS4 in Malaysia even now! :P

Ah, Kei-bb, I'm just so grateful that you took the time to read this fanaccount! ♥ Thank you so, so much, bb, always remember I love you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis /spreads arms far and wide? MUCH! ;w;
Chelsea: promises oh promisesshuuseieki on June 2nd, 2011 05:42 am (UTC)
a-ah, we're probably infamous amongst lj's staff for being wordlimitbreakers, keke c: (1/2)
It really did feel as if it was a dream! ;o; Like even when they were riiiight in front of me, it was so hard to believe they were actually there! It was so surreal watching them throughout the entire concert; I guess that's how it's like seeing idols for the first time, isn't it, bb, considering you just saw JYJ live not too long ago too? *u*

It was more like a really small house for the boys to rest and change in, but they actually left the windows open! \*^*/ I guess you can't expect all fans to be sane and pleasant, more so since ELFs are one of the bigger fanclubs out there... ;w; And it really was a happy, happy moment for me when Zhou Mi came out to take a look because everybody else was just hiding behind the panelling and all, so~~ *v* And oh yes, Taemin-ah, Zhou Mi really was that tall, the boy was towering ;;;;;

AH B-BUT YOU REALLY SHOULD BRING THAT UP WITH CJES! ;o; Ahhhhhh, I wish they'd have done that; I'm really sorry you had to miss out on that experience, bb! ;nnnnn; I didn't expect them to sell anything out to the public, I honestly only thought it was for the forum members because people from the same forum tended to form their own groups, so... I'm sure if someone brought it up to CJES, they'd love to consider it, bb! ♥

Tbh, I didn't quite like Perfection too much at first, but it was like watching it in concert completely changed how I felt about it? ;;;; Maybe it was the energy or the emotion that kind of flowed through the whole performance, but it's become one of my favourite dance tracks lately! I'm really really impressed by how much the Korean members' (+ Henry's!) Chinese has improved - their vocabulary and pronunciation are so much more accurate now! c: Naturally, Eunhyuk and Sungmin's Chinese wouldn't be as good as the rest, but I can see they're trying their hardest to learn and I'm sure someday they'll be just as great as the others ♥

(I honestly thought I'd be more upset with Hankyung's departure because he was always so essential to the group, but as much as I miss him, Eunhyuk and Sungmin really have wormed their way into my hearts, those two sweethearts ♥♥♥ ;w; They're just so adorable and it'd be impossible not to love them~)

Finding yourself closer to the stage and the boys than what you first thought really is one of the best feelings, isn't it, keke~~~~ :>

Eunhyuk really did know how to get the crowd working, aiiiiish, he had everyone eating out of the palm of his hand, really! *u* If Donghae was here that night, I can only imagine how much louder the screams would become! ;;; AHHHHHH KEKE IT'S TRUE THOUGH, IT REALLY WAS SCREAMLAND!

QMI WAS ADORABLE ♥ It didn't seem like fanservice though, more like an instinctual action on Zhou Mi's part? ;w; And Henry was an absolute sweetheart that night; I'm so happy he felt comfortable and could speak without feeling awkward; he used English all the way throughout since the Malaysian crowd would generally be most comfortable with English. c: I think that's one of the reasons he felt so at home, so I'm glad!

Maybe it was because of the hate he got from ELFs all over when he first joined SJM, but I'm always amazed by how Zhou Mi puts his entire soul into each and every note he sings. He's still so outgoing and positive; I'm just grateful he didn't give into the pressure from all the negativity he got from the fans at first. ;;;;
Simindoumyoujitsukas on June 3rd, 2011 08:52 pm (UTC)





i need zhou mi to kiss my hand too okay
Chelsea: say it again baby (only for me)shuuseieki on June 4th, 2011 03:47 am (UTC)







impunctuation on June 9th, 2011 01:28 pm (UTC)
ugh, these boys. ♥

your fanaccount has put the sappiest smile on my face. :')
thank you for sharing your experience of the concert. it was a really nice, sweet read.
Chelsea: you're looking on the wrong shoreshuuseieki on June 9th, 2011 04:01 pm (UTC)
They are just the most adorable boys I've seen, ever ♥

I'm really, really glad this made you just a bit happier today, bb! c: I hope it wasn't too long or draggy though? ;o; Thank you very much for reading!
ogawa_kaori: adorable mimiogawa_kaori on June 20th, 2011 01:14 pm (UTC)
Hey!! Sorry for the super duper late reply! >___< The internet died on me right after our talk in twitter the other day /sobs

This whole report is so detailed! Feels like I've been watching it myself. I was surprised that it was free, though. So lucky!!!

I can't stop going asgdggsfsaj gafsfgdgg over QMi moments. How could they do such intimate simple gestures in front of thousands of audience?? You silly boys! ;~~~; You made me a happy stan.

I've watched the fancams so I can totally relate to what you said here. What Mi did to the choosen fan really made me scream (in surprise and a bit jealousy LOL) He is such a gentleman!!

The solo parts are amazing!! "Baby baby love can be so beautiful~" /sobs in a corner. Zhou Mimi, forever my precious. And Henry's Off My Mind! :O You are truly so lucky!!! They only sang two songs in my country, huhuhu...

Despite the bit jealousy part ;p I'm so happy for you!! :D It must have been an unforgettable experience for you. And thank you for sharing the story with us!! <3 <3
Chelsea: <lj user=" title="Chelsea: " />shuuseieki on June 23rd, 2011 12:53 pm (UTC)
Ahhhhh, no don't worry about it at all! ;w; I completely understand that we all have our own obligations outside LJ and fandom and whatnot - I've been really, really busy lately too. ;o; But I guess that's pretty apparent with my lack of updates and all that, which I'm really sorry for and hope to start again, really... I hope your Internet did come back fine after that, though? ;;;;

I was worried it might be too long and no one would want to read it, but I'm glad it gave you a detailed enough description to have felt a little of how it was that night? *v* ♥ I was honestly really, really surprised that it was free too, not even a nominal fee for entry and whatnot! I guess we just lucked in this one time, and I think I got lucky with where I was too - I didn't expect to be so close to the stage and the boys at all, even! ;o;

IDK HOW THEY DO THEIR SIMPLE GESTURES BUT THEY JUST MADE THE ENTIRE CROWD SCREAM THEIR LUNGS OUT ;________; Hehe, they made me a happy stan, so I'm glad that happiness got passed over to you through this fanaccount, at least! c:


The solos were gorgeous - not to mention totally unexpected! ;~; A lot of us just expected them to come, perform three or four songs at most off their new EP and whatnot, but they even had interaction sessions and all these solo stages and all too! ;o; I guess it's probably because it was their first time promoting in Malaysia as SJM, so they wanted to give it their all and whatnot. :> ♥ Ahhhhh, HENRY'S PERFORMANCE JUST MADE ME SCREAM SO LOUD I LOST MY VOICE THE NEXT DAY ;________;

It really was the best feeling ever to be able to see your idols in real life - it was unforgettable and it's still really vivid in my mind now, even as we speak! ;w; Thank you for reading, bb, and I'm happy just by knowing I managed to make your day even a little bit better! ♥